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Re: VMs: Zinkovy castle for sale

Hi Jeff,

Kutné Hory v roce 1782) byl významným jihlavským cínarem. Posledním z
velkých cínaru byl pak Johann Baresch z Nového Bydzova, který jihlavské
mestanské právo získal roku 1843.

I am determined to nail this guy.

It is obviously rather late and I can't see how it may be helpful, unless someone does intensive genealogical research to cover some 5-6 generations backwards.

But it cannot be ruled out that they were related, as this
one - who came to the city of Jihlava from Novy Bydzov
in 1843 (so was born circa 1800-1820) - was "the last great
tinner", a craftsman producing things from tin (or pewter, to
use a more precise term in English). It looks like a job
that may be related to a family member's interest in alchemy
- but I do not see any research path that might lead from
him to any details on our Baresch's life.

Best regards,


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