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VMs: Zinkovy castle for sale

Hi everyone

Any bidders? It's fourth castle from the bottom.

What I find interesting here is the apparent size of the village
surrounding the castle. It appears scattered and thinly populated
with lots of forrestry around it. If Barscius came from here then he
was either a serf or he was born in the castle.

See this site. This describes serfdom and mentions one Mr. Jan
of Klenovy & Janovice & of Zinkovy.

This article shows the precarious nature of the serfdoms where
property could be given to freed serfs but would be taxed heavily.
As the king was said to own the serfs they were only a little better
than slaves. In this atmosphere it would take a lot of effort for a
village boy not only to free himself from serfdom but to acquire the
means to build a library that could be left to Marci. My view is that
it is more likely that he was born in the castle of Zinkovy. Although,
if available, similar records to those of Ondra Blahnik and his locality
would be useful to locate for Zinkovy village. If the records show the
same pattern of serfdom then the obvious thing to do would be to
find anomalies where families had been given free status or to
investigate the history of the castle owners.

One last thing on the Clementinum.

KAsPAROVA, J.; MAcAK, K.: Utilitas matheseos. Jezuitska matematika v
Klementinu. Jesuit Mathematics in the Clementinum (1602-1773) Praha, Narodni
knihovna CR, 2002. ISBN 80-7050-408-0. 124 S., Text in Tschechisch und
Engl., Abb. , 9,00 Euro
Katalog vystavy konane v roce 2002, jejimz cilem byla prezentace rukopisu a
starych tisku z fondu Narodni knihovny v Praze, ktere se vztahuji k
matematice pestovane v jezuitske koleji v Klementinu.

This would appear to cover the time that Barcius was studying there and may
contain useful references. I cannot at the moment find anywhere that it is
available for purchase. Has anyone read this?


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