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VMs: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cressa Cretica

Hi Dan

I can see why you mention Common Centaury but I would rule this out because
of the leaf density up the stem. Cressa Cretica may be a better match for
plant. Here is a report on saline desert plant communities which mentions

Watch out for the line wrap on the link.

As this appears to occur in similar conditions to those of the plant you
identified then these may occur in the same genera of plant families. There
is very scant information on this plant on the web and the only image of it
that I can find at present is here:

It may be that the species in Jordan diverged or visa versa to adapt to
variations in desert conditions.


Dan Gibson wrote on 29 July 2005

> Can you check Common Centaury and Cressa Cretica against the photo on
> http://nabataea.net/vplants.html. I have always thought that the plant on
> f4r to be what the Bedouin Arabs call  Quysoum  or Guysoum. I have
> this medicinal plant carefully, and used it personally, and it seems to
> match the sids very closely. However, I don't know what the scientific
> is for this plant.
> Yes, I read all the posts, but seldom have time to send anything in.   Dan
> Gibson

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