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Re: VMs: correction Olaus Magnus 1550's not 1650's and re: Marci

Pardon me, in an earlier post I mistranscribed a note pertaining to Lundius'
reference to Olaus Magnus which placed the manuscript in 1650's.  This was a
typo one of the "Dacian crew" pointed out to me which should be corrected on
the main list or else the entire chain to the present might be lost.  The
date Lundius is referring to the Johannes, Olaus and others viewing of this
Getic book is the 1550's.  In fact Bishop Olaus Magnus passed away approx.
1558.  Full details are readily available online regarding this individual
via Google.

Please note that if you follow this line by parsing Lundius, it too produces
a link to Roman Emporer Rudolf II via his chief historian and is mentioned
briefly in the passage I copied and included.  What this line then requires
is the Marci-Kirchner link to flow along the lines of the theory proposed by
others that Marci is testing a pompous Kirchner with a real (getic/Dacian)
manuscript from Rudolf II, but with a fictitious Baresch backstory for what
that is worth (ala the Andreas Mueller episode)....  In case it makes any
difference for lines Jeff or others might be chasing.


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