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Re: VMs: correction Olaus Magnus 1550's not 1650's and re: Marci

Wayne Durden wrote on 30 July 2005

> Please note that if you follow this line by parsing Lundius, it too
> a link to Roman Emporer Rudolf II via his chief historian and is mentioned
> briefly in the passage I copied and included.  What this line then
> is the Marci-Kirchner link to flow along the lines of the theory proposed
> others that Marci is testing a pompous Kirchner with a real (getic/Dacian)
> manuscript from Rudolf II, but with a fictitious Baresch backstory for
> that is worth (ala the Andreas Mueller episode)....  In case it makes any
> difference for lines Jeff or others might be chasing.
> Wayne

Hi Wayne

To set the record straight. I never said I thought Baresch to be part of a
ficticious backstory. I believe that he was a real person. I also do not
subscribe to the theory that Marci was performing some kind of test on
Kircher. Marci only acquired his own information after Kircher had been
contacted by Baresch. This information, at present only conjecture on my
part, would have given Marci second thoughts as to what to do with the
VMS. This is where I believe he decided to include Kircher. Gans is
critical to understanding this nervousness.


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