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VMs: Re: Re: Joachim Gans & Jan Baresch

Hi Dana
I have a copy of the book Ralegh and the Throckmorton's by A. L. Rowse published in
1962. It has two mentions of John Dee in connection with Ralegh and confirms what
you have found. I had already found many references to Dee and Ralegh. The
interesting thing about the Throckmorton's is the plot some of the family were involved
in to depose Elizabeth I. Later Ralegh married Bessie Throckmorton who was a lady
in waiting to Elizabeth. The mistake Ralegh made was in not asking the queen first. He
went to the tower for this. The Earl of Essex, Robert Dudley, also married in secret but
was forgiven by the queen. Maybe the Throckmorton name was to blame here.
Ralegh was the patron of Thomas Harriot, who was the central figure in Ralegh's School
of Night. This circle were separate from the Philip Sidney circle and the trio of Burghley,
Walsingham and Leicester. These three despised Ralegh and favoured Drake. Because
of this a lot of Thomas Harriot's work was never published and it is only now that historian's
are restoring his reputation, much like that of John Dee, who seemed to be between both
It is known that Harriot corresponded with Johannes Kepler in Prague and some have
suggested that it may have been Harriot who gave Kepler the idea of elliptical orbits. It is
also suggested that Harriot may have had a telescope before the Dutch applied for their
patents. So you see history may not be the way we have been taught it. In this respect
I totally agree with Wayne Durden.
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It may be of some interest that John Dee and Walter Raleigh knew each other.
Dana Scott
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Joachim Gans was a metallurgist, Jan Baresch worked with metals. It
is assumed that our Baresch was an alchemist and so the Gans and
Baresch characters can be assumed to have mutual interests. It is said
that Joachim Gans was related to David Gans in Prague and he was
aboard the Tyger on Walter Ralegh's expedition to Roanoke with
Thomas Harriot. If the Gans of the Marci letter can be linked with this
family then I think there may be a real breakthrough. I have ordered the
biography of David Gans to see if I can pick anything up from that.


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