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Re: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

on 7/31/05 8:33 AM, John Grove at John@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> What Wayne appears to be looking for is a proof that doesn't exist. One
> that confirms his approach. The ghibelline walls don't look anything like
> any of the examples he gave and yes we can theorize that the style might
> have existed pre 13th century, but he's asking us to prove something didn't
> exist since there is no evidence of structures similar to them from earlier
> times that remain if they had existed.
> The point I find most frustrusating is when people comment that a solution
> won't be accepted even if it is right. That's just nuts. If someone could
> produce a readable version of the VMS based on a logical set of rules that
> works on all aspects of the VMS and provides clear contextual agreement with
> the pictures, labels, etc... I have no doubt that everyone on this list
> would be ecstatic - even though they would scour over the process with a
> fine-toothed comb to be sure - they would accept it. NO solution to date
> comes even close to making sense, some make more nonsense than others - but
> they are all from arguments like Wayne's... If you can't prove a negative
> how can you accept a positive.
> Wayne, if you wish to believe that the clothing and buildings don't appear
> to be sufficient evidence to prove your theory out of time - by all means
> continue to follow it, but do try to offer something a little more concrete
> than the vague reliefs you've offered to date with 'similar' looking clothes
> etc... The one wall example you sent had triangular battlements - hardly
> even close to ghibelline, but sufficient for you to dismiss the difference
> offhand.
> John.
Yes,  I suspected it would come back to this kind of head butting (your
asking me to disprove a negative, etc.) so I will refrain from further
sullying the list with items related to our getic chase then.

..  There are at least a few of us who suspend judgement as to whether the
86v artistry is truly depicting "ghibelline" battlements and who agree in
any case that they can be shown earlier in Sicily than the political dispute
from whence they take their current name that some folks here are so hung up
on.   We will correspond amongst ourselves about the issues. If anyone else
on the main list lays hands on the Getic alphabet referenced by Carolo
Lundio or the Goth history of Johannes Magnus which purportedly has the
alphabet which predates Wulfia in the near future, please email me directly
as some of us will remain most interested, and contrary to assertions these
items could easily disprove our negative, and allow us to turn from seeking
out Getic writing and the lost book of the bogomils ;) to cracking ciphers.
However, it is clearly a waste of time to discuss it further on the main
list, time that could be spent following up lines of inquiry rather than
discussing the crackpot theory that the manuscript might be older than 15th
to 13th century on this list.  I do not agree that the fact that there might
be 3 orders of magnitude fewer earlier examples necessarily means that there
aren't any... 

Nonetheless, I hope that at least a few have gained entertainment value from
the portions of much older histories recently posted or a broadening of
their perspective of European history therefrom.  I guess we all chose to
ignore that which doesn't fit our leanings until we are hit squarely between
the eyes with it whether it be ghibelline battlements, floppy hats, hunting
outfits or zipf's law statistics and word counts.  I suspect I need a good
two by four blow to clear my addled skull....

With kind regards in absentia,


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