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Re: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

> Nick Pelling wrote:
> > [...] I would say that the simplest and most compelling explanation we 
> > have for those same curious statistics and curious structures is that 
> > they arise from some kind of curious encipherment. [...]"

Alessio replied

> and what about the "Cardano's grid" theory from Gordon Rugg?

Rugg certainly has tried to adhere to the crust-mantle-core paradigm
of Jorge Stolfi. This must inevitably fail for those VMS words that do
not contain all the elements of crust+mantle+core. Thus the rules must
become more and more selective to explain this discrepancy. Also
certain VMS words have more than one gallows character. Others
disturb the normal order and upset the hilly nature of words. These
peculiarities are not common and would be difficult to reconcile with
Rugg's method.

Rugg can counter that it is up to the scribe to determine when to omit
elements. This would have to be done using a very precise method to
obtain the results required.

If Gordon Rugg's method is so random then why does this happen:

if you look at this list, unfortunately unsorted, certain patterns can be
seen to be quite consistent across word boundaries. The easiest to
see are the 'ol. .dy.' groups where a VMS word ending ol can often
be followed by the standalone pair dy. If as Rugg claims each word
is constructed from prefix midfix and suffix using a Cardan Grille then
there has to be some systemmatic ruleset involved. In which case the
patterns would give themselves away. It just cannot be random.

This file shows the patterns in the order in which they were found in the
sample and are similar to the patterns found by Marke Fincher. Whereas
Marke was using his method to validate the Cardan Grille hypothesis I
firmly believe that these patterns nullify it.


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