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Re: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

J HALEY wrote:

If Gordon Rugg's method is so random then why does this happen:

if you look at this list, unfortunately unsorted, certain patterns can be
seen to be quite consistent across word boundaries. The easiest to
see are the 'ol. .dy.' groups where a VMS word ending ol can often
be followed by the standalone pair dy. If as Rugg claims each word
is constructed from prefix midfix and suffix using a Cardan Grille then
there has to be some systemmatic ruleset involved. In which case the
patterns would give themselves away. It just cannot be random.

Rugg isn't saying that the patterns are random. He could reproduce the 'ol. .dy.' cross-line patterns by putting several instances of these at the ends and following beginnings of lines in the Rugg tables.

The real test of Rugg, I think, would be to see how many Rugg tables and grills it would take to reproduce the VMs itself. If it took nearly as many Rugg tables as there are pages in the VMs, then he is clearly overfitting the data. It isn't clear to me how to do this, though.


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