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Re: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

Wayne Durden wrote:

All in all, I remain searching for that clock type item in the VMS that
closes down the Dicinius wisdom book hypothesis.

What dates the VMs most firmly for me is the writing style. What we've generally heard is that it fits the early Renaissance time frame. However, I have heard at least some dissenting opinions here.

	You might consider the obvious influence of early Arabic
numerals on the Voynich script, since these did not come
west from India until well after Greco-Roman times.

	I'm sorry if I was a bit snide about the Phaistos Disk, but
Phaistos Disk studies are rife with crankery, as you
probably know.  As are Etruscan studies.  Although I could
believe an Etruscan/northern European connection, since I
understand that is how the Runic letters came about.

	I know nothing at all about the Dacian culture, so I won't


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