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RE: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

> This file shows the patterns in the order in which 
> they were found in the sample and are similar to 
> the patterns found by Marke Fincher. Whereas Marke 
> was using his method to validate the Cardan Grille 
> hypothesis I firmly believe that these patterns 
> nullify it.

Actually that's not quite right.  What I was 
entertaining at the time was the possibility that the 
VMS text was constructed by means of moving a 
rectangular window over a page of "master" text, each 
time copying the visible text fragment (including 
spaces) to the constructed document.   This is not 
equivalent to Cardan Grille, and one of the reasons 
that lead me to consider this was precisely the 
observable patterns that span spaces (i.e. connections 
between word endings and next word beginnings) which
are not so easy to explain otherwise.  

I should add that I never actually disproved this,
and found that some 70% of the actual VMS text can
be constructed in this manner; the problem was that
my programs were also able to build a similar sized 
"masterblock" which could be used to construct 70% 
of the KJV bible with the same technique!   

For the record, I too have never been convinced by 


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