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Re: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

J HALEY wrote:

I should add that I never actually disproved this,
and found that some 70% of the actual VMS text can
be constructed in this manner; the problem was that
my programs were also able to build a similar sized "masterblock" which could be used to construct 70% of the KJV bible with the same technique!

Well the KJV bible is quite repetitive and similar in this respect
to the VMS. If you could build a masterblock that could recreate
70% of say a small section of James Joyce's Ulysses that would
be impressive. It would also show that the method you suggest
could be flexible.

Do bear in mind that the KJV Bible is repetitive on the syntactic level of repeated words and phrases, while the VMs is repetitive on the level of morphology, of highly structured "words". Look at the section on "Repetitive Texts" in my paper:


and you'll see that the entropy profiles of the KJV don't approach those of the VMs. Those are two different matters.

I find no problem with the fact that your algorithm is able to produce
English as well as VMS output. Why shouldn't it? It only goes to show,
in my opinion anyway, that there is meaningful content in the VMS. If
it obeys the same rules as a natural language then your programs
would deal with it in the same manner. The fact that the language,
grammar and syntax are unknown is irrelevant.

Here I'm not so sure, due to what I said above.

I apologise for my misunderstanding of your position in my last email.
Keep on with your research and good luck.

I agree here.

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