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Re: pdf

At the end of BigJim's webpage he provides the juxtaposition of the VMS
characters with Roman characters (the total of 25 VMS characters).  I tried to
apply that alphabetic conversion to the VMS text reproduced by Gabriel, and
could not identifiy a single Hebrew word, reading either from left or from
right, although I am fluent in Hebrew.  Moreover, if VMS was written in Hebrew,
why its alphabet would contain letters for vowels, as BigJim assumed?  Mark

Big Jim wrote:

> To all,
> I have a friend that is sending me a pdf file maker program. Once that is
> installed and I figure out how to use it I will post my method on my
> website. Incidentally, the translation updates have been posted. Although
> some sentences have changed due to errors caused by blindness and tiredness
> on my part, the context remains the same.
> After considering everything that has been said by this group I still
> contend that the Voynich, at least so far, is visually encrypted Hebrew.
> Hence the reason logical methods of decryption have not worked, nor will
> they work. Visual encryption is random and not logical. It follows no set
> pattern and varies from word to word at the discretion of the writer.
> Also, would someone tell me who compiled the Voynich Dictionary? I am
> working there as of the moment and need to add credits.
> Regards
> Jim