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Re: pdf

What you are saying is that the meaning is arbitrarily assigned by you. If
you do this for any reasonably ordered text you will get similar repeated
words and your brain will fill in the meaning based on your desire to find
it. The method will _not_ fail along the line even if you are completely
off from what the writer "intended". In fact, you are more likely than not
to find meaning if the text already has a medium to low entropy such as the
VMs content does.

Agreed...but that doesn't explain the pic on my web site and the context of line one on that page.

I can try to write a simple demonstration of this using randomly generated
text based on the voynich statistics. I'll try to do that over the weekend.

Ok...I will send you the translation for the line on the page with the picture and you tell me what other way it could go based on what is available to use for text.