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Re: Yet another explanation for dain daiin...

    > Piglia vitriolo Romano on iiij salnitrio on iij limatura achi
    > on. 1. et destilla alanbicco et piglia della prima aqua on 1/2 et po-
    > nili in essa 3 on de canfora et con questa fregate la faccia

    > Take 4 parts [vitriolo Romano], 3 parts saltpetre, and 1 part
    > (iron?) filings, distill in an alembic, take half the resulting
    > liquid, mix (?) it with 3 parts camphor, then rub it onto the face.

I second your guess "on." = "oncia" (ounce).
I can't figure out "achi"; could it be a typo?
"Poni[li] in essa" means "put [them] into that". 

"Vitriolo Romano" (Roman vitriol) seems to be copper sulfate. From
what I remember of freshman chemistry, the "prima acqua" may be just
water of crystallization; but I would not be surprised if it contained
some nitric acid...

All the best,