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VMs: Re: Moons in Zodiac?

Dear all,

perhaps f67r2 displays the 12 months, but I 
prefer to think again of the signs of the zodiac.
I can illustrate this with a page at my
web site, comparing it to an old Greek MS page.

This very comparison once led me to believe that 
f67r2 has the names of the seven planets written 
in the sectors (see 7 words a little bit separate
from the 'normal' text. The Eva transciption
of these is somewhere in the archives ( :-) ).
This is not a 100% sure bet, but as good as
cribs as we're ever going to get.

At this place, the Greek MS has the four
elements repeated 3 times.

The moon faces could also be planet faces
(I have seen illustrations in a German MS
predating Galilei which had planet faces
just like this).

Note that Sun and Moon have one home constellation
each, and the other 5 planets have two each,
one where they are 'good' and one where they
are 'bad'. This is another good guess for the
meaning of the dark/light colours. Somehow 
I think that I checked this, and it did not
match (what's new...?). Since I am not sure,
I would invite anyone to go and have a look.

The web page can be found (as usual) via

Cheers Rene

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