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VMs: RE: Moons in Zodiac?

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Subject: VMs: Re: Moons in Zodiac?

one where they are 'good' and one where they
are 'bad'. This is another good guess for the
meaning of the dark/light colours.....

-- I thought we got past the good & bad of black & white
copyflo images. Aren't the moons in question red and yellow?
I don't see how this can be interpreted as good & evil (unless
yellow is angelic and red is devilish...)

Can someone explain the significance of each of the images
surrounding the Libra character in that recent posting... How
is each 30 degrees of the sky marked off - are the images something
that could be used to determine the actual year that image was
written for (if you didn't already know the year?).

As for 116v -- and Glen's...
>This rather subjective approach to "interpretation" of the VMS
glyphs comes up more than once as a reason for one thing or
another not being easy or practical, doesn't it? :-)

I don't think it's a question of whether it is easy or practical,
but rather vital to knowing what you are looking at. Sure, we do need
to take some stabs at searching for patterns - we just have to be
sure that the pattern we find - isn't one we've forced to fit based
on creative interpretation of the glyphs.

I'm not overly confident that the Roman numeral thing is on the right
track - but I also see the script written in the patterns that seem
to point to multiple strokes equating to one glyph (even if sometimes
those strokes look like separate characters). c+c+y is different in my
mind from c+c+c+y, but both are (in my mind) single characters. Therefore,
I would find the pattern of oladabas very difficult to equate to (and of
value could it be if we don't even know what oladabas is?) Tell me oladabas
is a valid word or even a clue to a valid word and I might believe that we
need to focus on that line of text.

The zodiac section is where I believe the focus should be -- the patterns
there SHOULD give us something we can positively identify to a specific
period of time! I don't think it was designed as a perpetual calendar...

John (With the H) Grove 8-)