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VMs: Re: Libro de Astromagia

>> In my opinion it is a notebook of a liberal arts student.
>> Similar notebooks are Beinecke 225 and 226. The former
>> belonged to Paul de Worczin who studied in Cracow in 1422
>> (according to the Beinecke catalogue Cracow is in Bohemia!).
>> The latter is also from Cracow.

Being liberal arts and Cracow and the first half of the XIV Century - that
would make it a student of the Jagiellonian, in all likelihood?

> The Jagiellonian university had four faculties which were directed by the
> dean: faculty of free arts, the theological faculty and the faculties of law
> and medicine. 
> Free arts were studied in two stages:
> *    first the student had to study grammar, philosophy and rethoric. After
> passing the exam he was awarded the title "Baccalaureus".
> *    During the second stage he studied arithmetic, geometry and music.
> The student could either become professor at the "artium" or continue his
> studies in order to get the doctor title. For most students however the
> studies of free arts were enough. But it was also possible for the professors
> of "artes libres" to teach at other faculties. Most of them wanted to teach at
> the theological faculty because it offered the highest income.


Perhaps we should be looking at digging the library of its Collegium Maius ?

>From the "Tour to the Library" (same website, different page):

> The most famous student was "Nicolaos Kopernikus", about him we already made
> researches during the last trip. Now we want to look behind the walls of the
> University, where he had studied.

> We took part at a guided tour through the "Collegium Maius". We walked through
> a door made of massive wood into a room leading to the library. In two
> showcases we could see many technical objects, which have been preserved for
> hundreds of years. In the next room was the library with a very old table,
> which is still used for meetings of important university members. In an old
> wall unit are standing some of the original books of the old university
> library.

Is this (maybe) where it all started?

Surely Rafal, Greg and others have been there before?