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Re: VMs: Arabic and Voynich

Jacques Guy wrote:

> I know just enough Arabic to say that if it is,
> then
> 1. either it is dotless Arabic
> 2. or the dots are written next to the consonant's
>    body

Could it be written in Maltese? As I understand it, Maltese is essentially
a dialect of Arabic, but written (at least today) in a Roman alphabet with
some diacritics.

Glancing through a copy of "Teach Yourself Maltese", it appears that the
alphabet consists of 28 or 29 letters in all..

Of these, only three pairs are similar: G with and without a dot on top, Z
with and without such a dot, and H with and without a bar just above the

Like Arabic, Maltese  has an attached article "il-". Unlike Arabic,
though, it appears that short vowels are normally written as well as long

Bruce Grant

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