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Re: VMs: ANN-Lecture "Prophecy, Power and Patronage: Medicine, Astrology and Politics in Renaissance Milan" (11-18-03, NY)

Hi everyone,

FYI, here's a link to Monica Calabritto's resume:-

Ooops - what I actually meant was "here's a link to Professor Monica Azzolini's resume". And here's her home-page:-

Just to get things absolutely clear, she teaches Renaissance and Baroque Italian literature at the University of Washington at Seattle, but is giving a lecture at Hunter College CUNY tomorrow, hosted by Monica Calabritto (who goes by a different monicker). :-)

I hope things are all a lot clearer than before you read this email - after all, there's really nothing worse than getting your monickers in a twist. :-)

FYI, Professor Azzolini is currently working on a "book-length study" on medicine at the Sforza court in Milan (she went to university in Milan) to be published by Brill, which I can barely wait for!

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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