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Re: VMs: Artificial voynich - Its time to put up !!!!

Adam McLean <alchemy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote

> Jeff,
> Forgive me for being a bit stupid, but I don't understand
> how you generated the text samples you have posted earlier.
> Maybe I am totally misunderstanding your 'tables' but I thought
> you had produced a method for generating Voynich like
> text from some input unencrypted text, such as 15th/16th century
> Italian.
> Otherwise these tables are just summaries of the various
> Voynich  word structure rules which many people on this list
> have investigated and documented.
> I had thought that you were trying to 'reverse-engineer'
> Voynich, so that we could find some manner in which the
> Voynich like streams of characters could be created from an
> input text.
> If this is not what you are doing then what are all the streams of
> Voynichese-like  words that you keep posting on here ?
> If this is not what you are doing I don't seem to see the point.
> Please explain further.
> Best wishes,
> Adam McLean

I am attacking the problem from both sides. This gives me a better insight
into the structure of the VMS. I have as yet not posted on the web the
method for the Italian text production. Just on list to most peoples
annoyance. If you wish to see the tables for that then let me know and I
will email them to you.


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