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Re: Sagittarius, was: VMs: Costamagna and abbreviation...

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> There are crossbows relating to Sagittarius
> in a ME (or late modern) MS which was once owned
> by Queen Christina of Sweden.

This is certainly quite far from Sagittarius as
a crossbow man. I absolutely agree with Luiz (and said so
many times) that finding a "real" example of such
representation of Sagittarius would be "a great leap for
(VMS-related) mankind".

> I think there was also one identified in a
> German 'Blockbuch' (Rafal may remember).

Yes - I can't find it now but it was a woodblock showing
"children of planets", a common topic in 15th/16th c.
astrological art. But there was no Sagittarius with crossbow
- it was a crossbow man who looked much like "our" Sagittarius
(which makes a difference). 

Best regards,

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