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Re: VMs: Gratheus text - as possible benchmark

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>Maybe you can use this as a benchmark for your analyses. It's a medieval
>alchemystic text in old dutch. The nice thing is that it is in rhyming
>verse, so that should show up in spectral analyses. I don't know what the
>entropy is.
>I hope 10 pages - 350 lines - 1900 words - 8500 characters is enough. I can
>make it longer but it's a lot of work to get it perfect. I did two
>successive OCR's of the pages and the ran a diff on the two files. All in
>all this is two hours of work, so if you really need more ...
>Note the wild spelling - for example "Olium Vivum" is also spelled als
>"Olium Vinum".

Hello Petr

This is fascinating. To a non Dutch-speaker, but one who has a small
smattering of a number of European languages, it is not only poetic but
has a certain surreal beauty and glimpses of meaning. It is certainly
delightful and entertaining, so your work was not entirely wasted and is
much appreciated for it's own sake. Thank you!

Interestingly, it also has a number of echoes of polari/palare (in its
earliest forms that is, not the more recent versions which are very




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