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Re: VMs: Voynechese as musical notation

elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Or is the question whether an assignment of VM-symbols to modern notes would
> result in anything but noise? If that's the point... I'd guess you can always
> find something, given the fact that there _is_ structure and rules in the VM,
> given the fact that sound having structure and following rules approaches
> music, and given that you can arbitrarily transform the VM-symbols to notes,
> there is certainly a way to turn the VM into a symphony, but the same holds for
> the NY phone book, and I'd have great trouble in interpreting the results. I
> mean, if you found a particular harmony... what would it signify?

	That's vaguely the idea.  I had seen systems that turn
chemistry data 
into musical notes.  In some cases one can then
perceive relationships that might not otherwise be
obvious.  Music or sounds are linear in time.  It's
just another possible way of studying the data at
hand.  It might be more like hearing a particular
melody or melodies, leitmotiv, whatever, regularly, and
getting some new ideas.
>    Elmar (C flat)

Dennis (G G G E flat)
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