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Re: VMs: A Comment on f67r2

"Robert Teague" <rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> While the Codex Taurinensis was subjected to fire damage, 
> a portion of the text may still be available for reference?
> Does the following URL refer to the same
> manuscript being discussed here? 

No, this and the other link point to information on other
manuscripts from the Tourin National Library (biblical texts).

"Our" manuscript has these call numbers (per Rene's info from
Boll's book):

   Codex Taurinensis C VII 15 (CCAG IV cod. 5)

BTW: I have come across this site:


which has a nice bibliography of ancient astrology, including:

    Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum (20 volumina), 
    Bruxellis 1898-1953 (CCAG)

which is obviously the reference on Rene's page. 
Is this the Boll book? Is it illustrated? Has anyone seen it?

Best regards,

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