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VMs: Re: further ramblings [was: VMS lookalikes]

> Barbara Blithered;
> We learn things from examining the past. For example; pagination (page
> numbering) was invented by Venician printers in the early 1500s. A simple
> idea, but one never used before: ever! So the pagination, added in a
> seemingly different hand, could not have been done before the 1500s
> therefore the vms existed before that time as the original authors
> apparently did not paginate.

Careful there - some false reasoning.  Pagination may not have come in until
the 1500's but that does not mean that because it has no original pagiantion
it predated the invention.  There is nothing stopping me producing a
document without pagination today.

If it is from pre 1500 and we obviously don't know about the history how do
we even know the pages are in the correct order?  This may or may not help
in decipherment but it's something to consider


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