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Hi everyone,

At 09:56 30/05/2004 -0700, you wrote:
It may be that Voynich wanted to include a
hint of 'heraldry' in his catalogues to enhance his position and status
among those in high places (both political and financial), though this is
pure conjecture on my part.

I'd be surprised if WMV's cat-and-mouse device was intended to be "proper" heraldry: more "soi-amusant" than "soi-disant" (much like the Latin puns of the art forger in one Inspector Morse story). Still, I would not be surprised if it had been inspired by a picture he had previously seen in an old book... perhaps this is what Jean-Yves has found!

One last point to consider is that Voynich was
familiar with Alchabitius, with listed references in catalogue 2 (1003) and
3 (1563). A footnote in the 1003 entry states "Alchabitius, a corruption of
'Abd Al' Aziz Jbn'Uthmian [Al Kabisi.]" (p.258)

My guess is that any heraldry-like motif cited in Ovason is more likely to be 16th Century than 10th Century... but we shall see! :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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