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VMs: Re: Printing SIDs double sided

Hey Lukas,

One other alternative is to print out the jpg files instead.  Many paint and
photoshop programs allow for layout printing.  If you're trying to make a
copy close to the original (my recommendation), your images should be about
6x9, and even at 81/2 x11 the jpgs still print out very high quality.

Something a little more long-term, but requires a lot more work - as an
experiment I took a couple jpgs to Kinko's and asked them to print them out
on their color laser.  The quality was excellent, but not what I wanted.  We
looked at it and decided to try again on heavy photo-quality paper, and the
results were astounding.  (Not cheap by any means, however.)  Binding these
thick pages together with cloth binding tape produces a good simulation of
the bifolios, the cloth hinge provides a lot of flexibility and allows for
stitching.  A little trimming on the paper cutter might be in order for the
larger quires, but just in case no one has noticed, many of these bifolios
were trimmed after they were constructed, somewhere during the binding
process.  Some of the trimming apparently cut into word endings, I think in
the pharma section?

Beinecke's site has dimensions, but I'm working off the ruled photonegatives
for exact dimensions.  I figure I'll be about $150 into a good copy of the
VMS in its original size and shape, maybe a little more with a heavy cloth
cover that simulates the flexible vellum.   They tell me they have paper the
size necessary to print out the rossettes page and the foldouts on their big
laser.  We'll see how that works out.

Whatever the cost, to be able to have the book sitting on my shelf, in
almost the exact dimension and representation of the original, is a
priceless thing.

BTW, the Plaiedes page exists as a photonegative, has anyone considered the
option of having them do a hi-res image of this photonegative as a fill-in
for the missing sid?


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> Hi all,
> I would like to print the VMs images, ebcause the printed version is
> sooo much easier to analyze, order, reorder etc. and most of the
> details are visible on a good color print. However, I haven't ound
> any comfortable way to print the SIDs double-sided, i.e. recto and
> verso pages on the same sheet of paper. Geomatica viewer does not
> seem to support printing more than one map at a time, as the well as
> Lizard Tech plug-in in IE.
> Does anyone have some solution? Of cource, I can print all recto
> pages, turn the papers and print the verso pages, but I would like to
> avoid this approach, since it is very prone to errors.
> Regards
> Lukas
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