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Re: VMs: Re: Printing SIDs double sided

> Something a little more long-term, but requires a lot more work - as an
> experiment I took a couple jpgs to Kinko's and asked them to print them
> out
> on their color laser.  The quality was excellent, but not what I wanted. 
> We
> looked at it and decided to try again on heavy photo-quality paper, and
> the
> results were astounding.  (Not cheap by any means, however.) 

You can send the JPGs to any digital photo print shop.

Here in Germany, for 20cm x 30cm (8x12") prints, they charge 
about 1.50 Euros. In most cases this is cheaper than ink-jet
ink alone.

The only downside I see, is the glossy look.

Peter Jacobi

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