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Re: VMs: Thoughts about Roman numbers in the VMS

elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Jan Wrote:

One thing seems to be certain: based on recently published  tables of script segments organization, 
as well as works of Ken Walczak (see his table at:    http://penigma.netfirms.com/VM/b30.htm),
the VM script is definitely a set of ARTIFICIALLY invented characters  -
quite different from naturally
developed scripts - the intent being to make the characters simpler and
organized in some logical system.

Couldn't you come up with similar mappings for the latin alphabet? "i", "n" and
"m" seem to be variations of each other, "f", "t" and "l" form a group, as do
"e", "c" and "o", and "b", "d" and "k"... ;-)

I agree with your observation.  My only point to what Jan posted to the above link was just a thought for discussion.  Possibly, by analyzing the structure of the typography of the VMS letters, we can reveal some element of the thought process involved in creating it.  Since, some of the VMS letters have no direct correlation to known languages, is there a reason to the invented forms or was it pure imagination?  I dunno?

Ken W