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Re: VMs: Thoughts about Roman numbers in the VMS

On Monday 21 June 2004 21:35, Ken W wrote:
> >One thing seems to be certain: based on recently published  tables of 
script segments organization, 
> >as well as works of Ken Walczak (see his table at:    
> >the VM script is definitely a set of ARTIFICIALLY invented characters  -
> >quite different from naturally
> >developed scripts - the intent being to make the characters simpler and
> >organized in some logical system.
> >
> >Couldn't you come up with similar mappings for the latin alphabet? "i", "n" 
> >"m" seem to be variations of each other, "f", "t" and "l" form a group, as 
> >"e", "c" and "o", and "b", "d" and "k"... ;-)
> >
> >   Elmar
> >
> Elmar,
> I agree with your observation.  My only point to what Jan posted to the 
> above link was just a thought for discussion.  Possibly, by analyzing 
> the structure of the typography of the VMS letters, we can reveal some 
> element of the thought process involved in creating it.  Since, some of 
> the VMS letters have no direct correlation to known languages, is there 
> a reason to the invented forms or was it pure imagination?  I dunno?
> Ken W

Can you please clarify what is the font used in the link above.
I believe that a number of characters are taken from the eva hand 1 font I 
created. I do not approve of modifying that font without permission and even 
less to use exactly the same name.



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