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Re: Re: VMs: Re: Transcription Ramble

Hello, Illum8 

>Most would probably say that gallows Currier /P/, Frogguy [qp], EVA <t>
>is one character. But split gallows MUST alter that view.

  I somehow missed the discussion about  split gallows, so bear with me if you already know this.  I 
came recently  to the conclusion,  that it is just decorative thing - it happens only  for  
letter "t" (per EVA)  that is for the gallows with long second leg. It has upper loop extentended to the 
right thus creating something like a roof above the part of the"word" or "words". We can see similar  
ornamentation created by letters  "p" and "f" elsewhere, but the loop is returning to the left, to cross its 
own first leg of the same letter. Those loops are  sometimes of the same length, sometimes shorter than 
the word itself - apparently when the author didn't guess the length of the word accurately (I believe it 
was written in a   whole, before the rest of the word.

Now imagine you want to use the same decoration, but for gallows with two long legs. You have to 
draw the second leg down somewhere and clearly enough, it does not matter where. So here again, you 
drop the leg down at certain  distance and fill-in the remaing letters below. If it just happens that the 
word is longer, you write the rest of it behind that leg -  or even start the second word,   if the loop was 
too  long and fill teh rest behing that leg.  

So there is really no secret, no mysterious split gallows. Beside this analogy, there is also  a simple fact 
that it happens only on folios f100r, f100v, f30v, f35r and f56r - and each case is rather different, which 
shows there was no system  in it but rather too short  - or long ( f35r and f56r) guesses. Again, not 
dropping the leg down immeriatelly but at the distance really does not cause any misreading at all.


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