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Re: VMs: RE: Making a vms with meaning (long)

Gabriel Landini wrote:

Yes, given that you *know* the language this was written in, one can *guess* some very basic structural constructs. In English this would be "and the", "of the", sentence initial "The" and so on. But (as in the vms) you do not know the language of the PT.

Well, the crucial sentence in my suggestion was, "do a lot of guesswork". First of all, you'd have to guess the basic language of the VM, of course.

Only if that appears in the text, which you do not know. Just suppose that the book is in English and it is about "my little pony". This would appear a large number of times, but how do you get to the word "pony"? Couldn't your approach still consider correct that the 3 word pattern could be about the "big red balloon" or "that fat dog"?

I never said it was easy, nor did I insist it'd necessarily be successful... I just outlines the only approach I thought _might_ work out.

(And honestly: We'd never be able to translate proper names. Ie there is no way of discriminating betwee "pony" and "dog"...)


I can send you the text and you can try it. I would say it would be extremely difficult, because as in the vms you do not know the PT language.

Certainly. It could only work out with a pretty long piece of text, where there is enough material to make the statistical hammer work. (About the only codebreaking advantage we find in the VM... it's comparatively long.)



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