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Re: Re: VMs: Re: RuggWatch

Hello Rene,  

======= At 2004-07-20, 12:28:00 you wrote: =======
>I believe that it will be difficult to _prove_ that
>Kelly had nothing to do with the VMs, and at the
>same time it would not help much. 

Well, we do  not need  to prove anything, the burden is - as it is a rule in scientific circles - on the 
author of the hypothesis and we are still waiting.

But considering that Gordon Rugg  likes colorful speculations, how about this one: 

 . . Rudolph eventually learnt that the VM was a hoax and that's why he put Kelley in  prison. Kelley 
 of course had to escape and  destroy the VM, that being the only proof he fabricated a hoax. So he  
climbed down the wall of the castle he was imprisoned, but fell down and was dying of his  injuries. 
Then Rudolph appeared by his bed and told him he would be forgiven, if he could confess he forged 
the VM. Kelley, knowing nobody could harm him any more, refused. Then Rudolph even begged him: 
"Do it at least for Mr. Rugg!"  That brought the last laugh from our alchemist and his last words were 
recorded as: "Ai, Ai, daiin, daiin!", which of course meant "Why? I am dying. Dying!!".  So now we  
know how it got in the VM . . .

I hope it will now put to rest all those doubts about Kelley's hoax. You can hardly get better proof than 


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