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RE: VMs: Latin from the VMS - for Philip Neal

The Latin phrase is:

siri rite tueo tractem.

The Blitz Latin translation is:

Of Sirius duly I see I may draw.

The individual words are indeed Latin, though 'Siri' would much more often be 'Sirii' and 'tueo' is a rare variant of 'tueor'. 'Tueo(r)' means 'I watch, guard' and 'tractem' means a) 'let me drag' b) 'let me manage'.

The trouble is that the parts do not add up to a whole. A Latin sentence contains one main verb, but this has got two verbs in forms (indicative and subjunctive) which cannot be combined in the way you are suggesting. Also, if 'Siri' is supposed to be the object of either watching or managing it ought to be in the accusative case, not the genitive as here.

All in all I would have to say nice try but keep on trying!

Philip Neal

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