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Re: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

> Dennis wrote:
> >     The real test of Rugg, I think, would be to see how many Rugg tables
> > and grills it would take to reproduce the VMs itself.  If it took nearly
> > as many Rugg tables as there are pages in the VMs, then he is clearly
> > overfitting the data. It isn't clear to me how to do this, though.

Alessio wrote

> AFAIR 1 year ago Rugg and his assistant Aylward were writing a software
> to automatically generate thousands of texts with different grids
> composition to see if it was possible to obtain a text with the same VMs
> complex patterns.... at the moment, I don't know the progress of this

Gordon Rugg doesn't need to progress this any further. He has all the
he needs. He even proferred a challenge by producing his own enciphered MS
using his method. This is offered as a distraction from his lack of real
evidence .
Probably hoping that everyone would leap to the challenge giving him even

I would happily support Gordon Rugg in his efforts if he hadn't been so
opportunistic. His provenance is so thin it would slice carrots. He has
no transcription of his output as far as I know and the onus is on him to do
if he wants any sort of critical review. Unfortunately this is an age of
'Fifteen Minutes Of Fame' and evidence is scarcely required. I get annoyed
all this considering the years of hard work that many people have
voluntarily. It takes quite an effort to dig out all the background to this
Maybe we should jointly invoice Keele for all the time and effort spent in
of research that helped Gordon get to the point he is at now.

Happily for Rugg studying the VMS is not considered real research so I don't
expect him to suffer the destruction of career visited on other



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