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Re: VMs: digital imaging project

I am not sure that there will be much choice in the format requested, but it is certain worth requesting just what you are looking for.
I will attempt to explain just where the signature is at the bottom of f1r. The spelling is "Jacobj a Tepenece". There may be a backslash accent over the 'a' and the 'j' may actually just be an 'i' as expected. Looking at the last line of text on f1r, there is a black dot about 1cm. below the space between the first two 'words'. About 3/4cm. below this dot there is a cross which loops on the top right. This is the top of the capital 'J' which slides down slightly to the left. The total height of the 'J' is about 2cm. It is visible to the naked eye. Next is the 'a' (under EVA ch) which is positioned just under the right extremity of the top right 'J' loop. It appears to be a bit higher us an imagined line drawn for the signature than expected. The 'c' is under the EVA 'l'. Then the 'o' follows under the end of the next text space and the beginning of the third 'word' (EVA ch). The 'b' follows under the EVA h. And finally the 'j' or 'i' falls in place under the EVA k. The 'a' is not easy to make out but is somewhere under the EVA o. The 'T' begins the surname under the EVA ch of the 5th word. It is about the same size as the 'J' and the cross of the 'T' slants slightly up to the right. The 'e' is under the EVA o. The 'p' is under the EVA te about 1.5cm. under the text. The 'e' is under the EVA y. Now we need to use a word from the second to the last line for reference using the 6th or 7th 'word' that starts with EVA k. The 'c' is there somewhere, but the letters seem to have spread out a bit and it almost looks like there may be two cc to choose from? Finallllyyy, the last 'e' is under EVA y. What a cumbersome note. One picture would make it a whole lot easier to show. Perhaps someone can volunteer to "highlight" this for clarity.
Dana Scott  
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Robert Teague wrote:

> >  Would f1r be the best one to
> > start with?  We've been discussing several features that might well
> > benefit from closer study than we've been able to give them.

> Matter of fact, I've been considering just that. I want to find out
> if the "1708" is real, and am keen to gather as much data from the
> alphabet table as possible.

Yes, this would be the most interesting single page for many
reasons. I would especially like to see more of Sinapius's
signature (I think I can see it - but it is too faint for
any conclusions). If more of it could be seen, it would
be possible to compare it with his other known signature.
But this might perhaps need more - like UV or something?

> Beyond getting a color copy, I hadn't decided what format to order
> (based on what's available, of course). Any suggestions?

I think a TIFF file in the highest possible resolution
(at least 300 dpi but 600 would perhaps be optimal).
JPG should be avoided if possible.

Best regards,

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