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Re: VMs: New VMS pdf

Hi everyone,

At 03:12 19/06/2004 -0600, GC wrote:
The shop over here thinks they have one laser than can do a true 4800 dpi,
but their others are all 1200 dpi.  Providing more information to their
printer than necessary relies on printer driven interpolation, and I'd
rather set this up myself so all pages are done exactly the same.  The jpeg
files can be resized and still maintain 600 dpi resolution, perfect for just
about all inkjets, but not as high as I would like for a laser, so I'm
resizing the tiffs and setting their dpi information at 1200 before having
them printed so the printer prints 1 to 1.  Their size is reduced
drastically when this operation is performed.  I'm going to try to resize a
tiff for their 4800 dpi laser for comparison, but I don't think I'll be able
to tell any significant difference with the eye - maybe I'll be surprised.
Every operation with a tiff takes 5 minutes on my computer. :-(

I spoke to a printer software guy a couple of years ago who told me that, whatever they say on the box, printers typically have different real resolutions for colour and black & white - and that you often have to determine the real (non-interpolated) print resolution yourself.

Having said that, a printer hardware guy also told me that most inkjet printers use one of a small number of actual engines, and if you know what you're looking for there, you can work out the actual resolution very easily.

Hmmm.... there must be other types of printer user who need to know the actual resolution of their printer?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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